NANP 2023 Scholarships

Current nutrition students who are members of NANP are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Several deserving students will be selected to receive a scholarship to attend the 2023 Annual Conference & Expo. The Student Scholarships cover the conference registration fee. Registration fee will be reimbursed to the winners if they have already registered for the conference.

For more details about the scholarships, process, or to apply, see below.

2023 Bonnie Fisk-Hayden Student Scholarship

To honor our dear friend and Board Member, the NANP established the Bonnie Fisk-Hayden student scholarship in 2012. Bonnie loved attending NANP’s annual conferences, and felt that student attendance was crucial to a successful career in our industry. Keeping Bonnie’s memory alive, the scholarship opportunity is offered each year.

About Bonnie
Bonnie passed away August 26, 2011 after battling autoimmune hepatitis for four months. Bonnie was passionate about our industry, saying, “Joining the NANP as a student was one of the best things I did for my nutrition business.” She was a dedicated nutritionist who went back to nutrition school when she was in her 60s. Bonnie was very active in the NANP and served as a Director on the Board, while also heading up the Publications Committee.

2023 Laura Barton Student Scholarship

Laura was born in 1970, in Minnesota.  After graduating from high school in 1988, she moved to the San Francisco Bay area.  In 1999, she received her B.S. Degree with High Honors in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College. She continued her education at the Institute of Educational Therapy/Bauman College certifying as a Nutrition Consultant in 2003 where she subsequently became a teacher trainer and faculty member.  In 2004, she secured a Nutritionist position at Renaissance ClubSport in Walnut Creek, California.  She was awarded “Best Nutritionist in the Bay Area” in 2006 and 2007. Also in 2007, Laura was promoted to Regional Nutritionist where she hired and provided leadership to the nutrition coaches in all five clubs. She developed and marketed core nutrition programs and delivered large scale quarterly seminars to club members and trainers. Laura had her own private practice where she offered nutrition counseling and corporate wellness programs in the Bay Area.  Laura was certified as a Personal Trainer in 2014.

There was far too much Laura wanted to do to linger on any one success.  She was always striving to be better at everything she did. When she wasn’t reading a medical journal or doing research, she was penning pieces for the book she planned to write.  Laura passed away in 2015 from an aggressive cancer.  She is remembered by colleagues, friends, and clients for her passion in life —  helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle through better eating and exercise.

Donate to the NANP Student Scholarship and Receive a special gift!

Tammera Karr and Holistic Nutrition for the Whole You (HN4U) graciously offer anyone who donates more than $25 to the NANP Student Scholarship Fund a free digital copy of Our Journey with Food Cookery Book. The book features 430+ pages with 395+ recipes covering 150 years and 26 cultures. Plus, this excellent resource features NANP Member contributions!

Congratulations to our 4 Scholarship Winners for 2023!

Jessica Draper

Sonoran University of Health Sciences

Chris Kalinich

Portland Community College

Tamra Tompkins

Nutritional Therapy Institute

Saundra Kamman

University of Bridgeport