Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, CCN

HEALCon 2024

Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, CCN

Functional Immunology and a Healthy Gut Microbiome – A 21st Century perspective

Date: Saturday, April 27

Time:  11:00 – 12:30 pm

Speaker Bio

Russ Jaffe has more than 40 years of experience contributing to molecular biology and clinical diagnostics.  He has pioneered “lymphocyte tests of immune function and hypersensitivity” and is focused on providing functional, predictive tests and procedures designed to improve the precision of both diagnosis and of treatment outcomes. 

He received his B.S., MD and Ph.D. from the Boston University School of Medicine, completed residency training in clinical chemistry at the National Institutes of Health before starting   the Health Studies Collegium think tank and PERQUE Integrative Health, LLC, a company that offers the world scientifically proven, integrative health solutions that speed the transition from sick care to healthful caring.



A healthy microbiome is essential for survival. 

With >70% of the immune system lying within the gut, it is essential that the direct link between a healthy functioning microbiome with the immune system is understood. Classic issues such as “leaky gut”, celiac disease, SIBO and IBS all stem from this connection. 

Why do some acquire one ailment after another and some don’t, and why do these chronic issues lay one on top of each other and never just alone? The answer lies in host hospitality which is integral in this discussion about the immune system and the microbiome. Host hospitality is changeable and disease outcomes as well.

The microbiome thrives when one is proactive about their health, especially what they eat and drink, think and do. Eating and drinking what can be digested, assimilated and eliminated without immune burden provides a context for host response and immune health. 

Allostatic and homeostatic load directs therapy. This includes oxidative stress, essential nutrient sufficiency, environmental toxin exposures and inner adaptive and coping mechanisms. Pertinent tests and assessments of immune, neurohormonal and detoxification processes will be discussed.

This presentation offers practitioners experience and perspective on how to interpret test results. Recommendations offered are primary prevention and life -style based. Rethinking inflammation as repair deficit. We can move from functioning at survival mode to a healthier elective protective mode based on a deeper understanding of the microbiome as a component of an interdependent, complex yet sustainable system.

Learning Objectives

  • To know what allostatic load consists of and how it relates to the functioning of the body
  • To recognize the importance of host hospitality and inflammation support
  • To know that inflammation is “repair deficit” and how it relates to gut health
  • To know which tests are pertinent to run
  • To implement simple yet key strategies in patient/client care that address repair deficit, gut health and overall health