After much reflection and input from past and current conference planning committee members, we are excited to announce that we have made a BIG CHANGE to our conference name.

We proudly present HEALCon!


The annual NANP Conference & Expo is reaching new heights as

the leading holistic nutrition conference in the nation!

In our 15th year, HEALCon takes hold as the new name and representation of this preeminent conference, representing the best of the best in our industry.

A Long History

Back when we designed the conference – it was the primary way to convene members of our organization for an annual meeting. The conference was also meant to help support continuing education opportunities and to give members a chance for networking with peers.

Over the past 15 years, the conference has grown and evolved to become a venue for both cutting-edge holistic nutrition information and research, and the expo is seen as the leading venue for businesses and wellness companies to showcase their invaluable products within our field.

In recent years, we knew it was time to turn our conference in to something bigger, better and greater – and to really showcase our strengths.

HEALCon says it ALL perfectly!

The conference annually brings together a diverse audience of over 300 attendees and provides a unique opportunity for teachers, students, mentors, and practitioners from within our industry to come together to exchange information and advance the discussion about how to create healthier lives for all people.

Where else do this many holistic nutrition professionals and students, businesses, schools of holistic nutrition (and more) all come together to join in and evolve the future of healing through food as medicine?


We Are Growing!

In 2018 we added a Poster Session submission category to ensure that the conference includes presentations and lessons learned from holistic nutrition advocates who are studying and implementing evidence-based nutrition strategies in their practice and communities.

To further emphasize that the conference is designed to break down barriers and provide a space to exchange ideas across our varied group of attendee/learners, at HEALCon 2020, we will implement a few different engaged learning tracks.

These tracks will support the growth and development of our new and student members, as well as foster advanced learning among our more experienced practitioners.

You gave us feedback and we listened. Thank you for caring about this conference as much as we do!

We Want You To Present!

If you would like a chance to present your work at HEALCon 2020 (as a speaker or with a research poster submission), please submit an application starting July 29th. (For more details and submission guidelines on the 29th, please visit the HEALCon website.)

We look forward to seeing you at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa in

Newport Beach, California, from April 30-May 3, 2020.

Not Just a Name Change…

Although this name change might feel like a minor change, we believe it is an essential one!

The new name – HEALCon – reflects the importance of collaboration between researchers, practitioners and business/policy advocates. HEALCon helps to encourage the participation of all holistic nutrition professionals, and all holistic allied professionals.

You know we have had a wide variety of speakers in the past – from MDs, to chiropractors, to nurse practitioners, to culinary experts, neuroscientists, and more.

This conference is about and for everyone who is passionate about holistic nutrition.

But, this conference is TRULY about and for YOU.

We thank you for doing all that you do, for representing the best of the best in our industry and for standing out in the crowd.

We are proud to call you our colleague and friend.

In fact, we do what we do FOR YOU. Every step of the way.