Legal & Legislative Session

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Bonus Session: Legal & Legislative Issues That Impact Holistic Nutrition Professionals Q&A

Friday April, 26th, 2024


with Laura Waldo, NTP, BCHN®

Please join Laura Waldo, NANP Legislative Affairs Specialist, during the Brunch & Ice Breaker for a special Q&A session. Laura will answer your questions about state laws, scope of practice, Telehealth, and discuss ongoing legislative efforts across the United States.

In today’s ever-changing landscape of legal rights to practice in each state, our members have peace of mind with full access to the NANP Legislative Affairs Division. Laura will also be available during the conference for personal consultations. Sign up at Laura’s table in the conference lobby when you arrive at HEALCon.

NOTE: Laura Waldo is not an attorney and cannot offer legal advice. Information provided should not be used to substitute seeking professional legal advice.

About Laura

Laura opened her nutrition practice in 2013 but became frustrated hearing stories of practitioners who could not work due to restrictive laws in the States where they resided. In 2017, while maintaining her practice, Laura began her journey of grassroots advocacy and policy change. She joined the NANP in 2019 as their Legislative Affairs Specialist. Laura works diligently to promote our members’ right to practice nutrition without legislative threats. 

Laura is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® and maintains her private nutrition practice while advocating for policy change throughout the United States.