Brendan Vermeire, FMHP

HEALCon 2024

Brendan Vermeire

Brain on Fire: Getting to the Root of the Mental Health Crisis

Date: Friday, April 26

Time:  9:30 – 11:00 am

Speaker Bio

Brendan is a Mental and Metabolic Health Scientist & Researcher, Functional Medicine Educator, Writer, and Speaker.  He is a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Nutrition Coach, Master Personal Trainer, USAW Sports Performance Coach, and Crossfit Trainer.

He is the proud owner and founder of the Metabolic Solutions Institute for Functional Health and Fitness Practitioners and the creator of the Functional Mental Health Practitioner Certificate Course (FMHP™). He is also the founder of the Metabolic Solutions Research & Education Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to ‘changing the way the world views mental health’ through advancing the science of Mental Health Dysfunction.  He is also the creator of The Mental M.A.P.™, a cutting-edge Lab Panel for Mental Health, and the NeuroCeuticals™ Supplement Line.


1 in 5 Americans take a neuropsychiatric drug.  Alzheimer’s, a chronic neuroinflammatory disease, is the 7th leading cause of death for Americans, Cerebrovascular Disease is 5th, and suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for young people. 

In this presentation, Functional Mental Health Expert, Brendan Vermeire (FMHP™), will acquaint you to the concept of Microglial Activation and how Microglial Dysregulation is at the heart of your client’s mental health struggles, while educating you on how to navigate the many root cause factors that are driving neuroinflammation, oxidative & nitrosative stress, leaky brain, and neuroendocrine dysregulation in your client population while revealing cutting-edge testing and therapeutic strategies for success!

Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the audience to the science of microglial cell morphology and function.
  • Teach practitioners how to assess for Neuroinflammation, Leaky Brain, and Microglial Activation.
  • Gain familiarity with the root causes of Neuroinflammation.
  • Equip the audience with holistic strategies to decrease neuroinflammation and increase neuroplasticity and neural repair.
  • Identify key testing and biomarkers needed to objectively navigate complex mental health dysfunction with confidence.