Conference Bookstore

Are you an author or publisher who would like to sell your books, DVDs or CDs to holistic nutrition and integrative medicine practitioners?  The NANP Conference pulls in hundreds of professionals eager to get their hands on new content.  Now’s your chance to get your books, DVDs or CDs featured at the #1 holistic nutrition conference in the U.S.A.!

About the NANP Conference Bookstore

NANP is happy to announce we will be using Unhooked Books again for our bookstore.  Here’s a bit about them…

Unhooked Books is a publishing house focused on wellness: from healthy minds and bodies to difficult people and complicated relationships.

How it works:

  1. Unhooked Books will organize and staff the Bookstore at the conference.
  2. Unhooked Books will order, pay for, and bring books to the conference.
  3. Products will be sold at retail price and local sales tax will be added to every sale.
  4. Authors who bring books to be sold at the conference will be paid 60% of retail price for books sold. Authors must collect their books before they depart the conference.

Complete one of these forms:

Book Recommendation Form

Please list the books you would like to suggest, indicating with an asterisk ( * ) those you have authored. Speakers: We also invite you to provide book titles you will be mentioning in your presentation that participants will want to have available at the conference. Unhooked Books will make every attempt to offer the books you recommend at the conference. Thank you, we appreciate your input.

Books you would like to recommend.

Please indicate with an asterisk (*) if you are the book author.







Bring Your Own Book Agreement Form

Unhooked Books will organize and staff a bookstore at the conference. If you would like to offer your books for sale at the 2020 conference, fill out this completed form or if you have any questions please feel free to email Randi Dixon at

  • Products will be sold at retail price and local sales tax will be added to every sale.
  • Unhooked Books will pay you 60% of retail price for all books/products sold.
  • All remaining books must be picked up on the last day the bookstore will be open, or they will be left with the front desk at your own risk.
  • If shrinkage occurs, Unhooked Books will pay you the wholesale cost of the books/products.
  • A check for your percentage of sales will be mailed to you within 30 days of the conclusion of conference.

Books/Products You Will Bring to the Book Store


(Please fill out a second form if you run out of room) Bring the items with you; drop off books/products at on-site book store.





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