Thursday, May 4 | 4:30 – 6:00 pm (Pacific Time) | Breakout Session

The Vindication of The Clinical Application and Power of Nutrients and Hormones

with Dr. Lindsey Berkson

Presentation description:

· Nutrition is powerful. But greatly misunderstood.

· Hormones are powerful. But greatly misunderstood.

· If humans ate just one more veggie meal a week, the incidence of severe Covid would be reduced. We will dive into these peer-review studies.

· If women had healthier hormones, the incidence of severe Covid would have significantly been reduced. We will go over these studies.

· Hormones do not drive cancer; they mostly protect against it in men and women. We will go over these peer review studies.

· Hormones are the most powerful signaling molecules in the body. Testing only levels, no matter the assay (blood, urine, saliva), is only one blind man touching an elephant.

· Hormones lean on nutrients to protect us. This includes protecting us against cancer, Covid, and cognitive decline. And even promoting longevity.

· All based on real science that too few seem to respect.

· It appears “follow the science” is mainly true if it supports medications or standard of care. But not nutritional and hormonal science-based interventions.

· Unhealthy nutrients and our toxic planet threaten our hormones, fertility, and children’s brain tissue.

· We will mention endocrine disruption and its link to infertility, autoimmune issues, and more. And what to do to protect the next generation with “Greener Pregnancies.”

· You will come away smarter and able to keep others smarter, and healthier. And for all to feel vindicated.

About The Speaker

Dr. DL Berkson is considered a thought leader in functional medicine. Dr. Berkson has been lecturing for CMEs to MDs, pharmacists, DCS, NDs and nutritionists for more decades than her ego wants to admit.

Dr Berkson wrote one of the breakthrough books on endocrine disruption. Based on this book, Hormone Deception (McGraw-Hill 2000 Awakened Medicine Press 2016) she was invited to be a distinguished scholar at an estrogen think tank at Tulane University (Center for Bioenvironmental Research) where she studied with the scientists who discovered the first two estrogen receptors and launched the EDC field. This book has been used as a reference guide for many university environmental science programs, such as the Univ. of Minnesota.

Her latest book, Sexy Brain, warns of environmental castration and how sex steroid hormones rule the brain and their protective actions are being altered. 

Her book Healthy Digestion The Natural Way (Wiley 2002) was the first gut, nutrition, spirituality digestion book and a long-time best seller. Its sequel is a breakthrough book creating a new field — Nutritional Gastroenterology.

Dr. B presently works at the Naples’ Center for Functional Medicine (Dr. David Perlmutter’s old clinic) where she initiated the first functional renal program and adjunctive nutritional/pharmaceutical/hormonal support program for breast cancer survivors.

Berkson hosts the Dr. Berkson Best Health Radio Show (soon to be called Agile Thinking), and launced a membership for practitioners – Smart + Heart during the pandemic. She writes for under Agile Thinking.

She’s a West Coast Swing Dancer. A 5-star organic chef. Does stand-up.

So, she’s funny!

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