Friday, May 5 | 3:45 – 5:15 pm (Pacific Time) | Breakout Session

The Vanguard of Health: Plant-Based Minerals and how they Remediate Glyphosate’s Harm

with Caroline Alan

Presentation description:

GMO production farming practices utilize glyphosates mixed with adjuvants and surfactants, which further strengthen the glyphosates’ negative effects. Americans can’t get away from ingesting glyphosates — they are in the water we drink and in many foods we buy at the grocery store (processed and unprocessed).

Recent scientific studies are showing that human exposure to glyphosates mixed with adjuvants/surfactants is correlated with many chronic health conditions, including Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, renal failure, autism, obesity and Parkinson’s disease. 

Plant-based humic substances represent a natural technology that offers real potential for the remediation of glyphosates both in soils and in humans.

This talk will provide the information needed to be knowledgeable on the glyphosate issue and to understand effective glyphosate remediation solutions for your clients.

About The Speaker

Caroline Alan is a health survivor and mineral enthusiast. On her own journey to health, Caroline found mineral replenishment to be a foundational element that is widely misunderstood. Her research into why minerals are important in human physiology and how they work in the body has taken her into a broad field of study including microbiology, molecular biology, cellular biology, quantum physics, agricultural soil science the study of plant decomposition and glyphosate toxicity.

As a result of her research Caroline has become committed to helping people understand how and why mineral depletion affects the body, the systemic nature of glyphosate exposure and specifically, how plant-based humic and fulvic minerals can support healing and optimal health.

Caroline is an engaging speaker and a regular contributor to Podcasts and health-focused events and programs around the world.

Caroline is the Co-Founder and CEO of BEAM Minerals

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