Schedule Overview

Thursday – Day 1

May 4

Opening Keynote

4:30 – 6:00 pm

Dr. Lindsey Berkson

The Vindication of The Clinical Application and Power of Nutrients and Hormones

Friday – Day 2

May 5

Breakout Session:

9:30 – 11:00am

Kelly Blodgett

The Dental Dilemma: How poor nutrition leads to dental disease which leads to toxic tooth treatments

Ahmed El-Sohemy

Recent Advances and Controversies in Genetic Testing for Precision Nutrition

Breakout Session:

1:45 – 3:15 pm

Rowena Winkler

A More Holistic Approach to Marketing

Mason Bresett

Medicinal Mushrooms: Practical Applications for Nutrition and Wellness Practices

Breakout Session:

3:45 – 5:15 pm

Mickey Trescott & Jaime Hartman

Research Update: Efficacy of the Autoimmune Protocol for IBD & Hashimoto’s Disease

Caroline Alan

The Vanguard of Health: Plant-Based Minerals and how they Remediate Glyphosate’s Harm

Saturday- Day 3

May 6

Breakout Session:

9:00- 10:30 am

David Brady

Depression, Anxiety, and Stress: A Multi-Omics Approach

Nalini Chilkov

Promoting Healthy Aging: Six Key Factors that influence Immune Senescence, Immune Resilience, and Immune Restoration

Breakout Session:

11:00- 12:30 pm

Jocelyn Strand

Histamine Rising – The Role of Dysbiosis and GI Dysfunction in Histamine Dysregulation

Cathy Cooke

Mold Testing and Remediation: The problems with mold sampling & remediation. Helping your clients get the best information to overcome mold illness.

Breakout Session:

2:00- 3:30 pm

Geraldine Convento

Maximizing Your Web Presence

Poster Sessions

Posters will be presented to conference attendees during this concurrent session.

Sunday- Day 4

May 7

Closing Keynote:

10:00- 11:30 am

Betsy Greenleaf

Hormones, Hunger, and Happiness

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