Saturday, April 23 | 11:00 am – 12:30 pm pm (Pacific Time) | Breakout Session

The Food, Sustainability and Mindfulness Connection

with Tammera Karr, PhD, BCHN, CNW, CGP

Presentation description:

Nutrition what is it? For decades research has limited the concept of nutrition to macro and micronutrients made up of chemical components. Food became viewed as a chemical reservoir versus an ingredient of nourishment for humanity. In the modern reductionist view, a calorie is a calorie. Countless agricultural practices and industrially manufactured foods are viewed as beneficial nourishment equal to or better than traditional foods and growing and cooking methods.

Nourishment has many ingredients; often likened to the layers of an onion; each protects and supports the next and is made up of many elements. The holistic view of nourishment isn’t just about the food ingested — it is also about the growing body of research supporting the nourishment gained from nature, culture, tradition, light, sound, and color.

This presentation will guide participants through current research on nourishment for a “ lifestyle,” encompassing food, sustainability, and mindfulness, instead of a narrow view of chemicals and calories.

About Tammera Karr

Tammera has 20-plus years of clinical experience, is an author, educator, food historian, and researcher. The author of three holistic nutrition focused books, Our Journey with Food, Our Journey with Food Cookery Book and Empty Plate: Food, Sustainability, Mindfulness. Tammera is the primary instructor for HN4UOnline.Ed

A Native of Oregon, Tammera enjoys the challenge of nutrition research, food history, and traditional food preservation and whole food cooking. Tammera and her family have lived in remote areas of Oregon for over fifty years; She resides in Central Southern Oregon and explores nature and history with her husband, Michael.