Saturday, April 23 | 11:00 am – 12:30 pm (Pacific Time) | Breakout Session

Join an Integrative Healthcare Clinic to Reach More Clients and Become an Expert

with Erin Livers, ICNT, BCHN®

Presentation description:

Are your days spent with clients, experiencing the joy of knowing how to help, and seeing them reach their goals? If the varied tasks and difficulties of owning your own nutrition consulting business leave you feeling overwhelmed with little time and energy for working with clients, then consider joining an Integrative Healthcare Clinic. Whether you maintain your own business or prefer working as an employee, partnering with other practitioners can streamline your practice and fill it with clients grateful for your expertise.

This presentation will guide you to find and create these collaborative relationships, often with practitioners who serve as powerful mentors who can support you to greater experience, confidence and respect. Work with one or varied practitioners, in a clinic setting or for referrals, and rediscover your joy.

About Erin Livers

As a nutrition therapist, Erin Livers empowers her clients to cultivate a mindful relationship with their body, nature and nourishment. She believes what you eat, think and how you live are potent forms of disease prevention and medicine. Whether she’s counseling, teaching, writing, cooking or creating, she’s dedicated to bringing nutrition more fully into our healthcare system by partnering nutritionists with doctors.

Erin teaches students, mentors new nutritionists, partners with medical professionals, guides clients to health and gut health with her Revitalize Digestion Gut Healing Program, and has authored many books and popular seminars. Find her at