Saturday, April 10: 2:00 – 3:30pm (Pacific Time) | Breakout Session #5

Nutritional Solutions to Alleviate Cancer Treatment Side Effects & Teach Your Client how to Advocate for Themselves

with Kirstin Nussgruber, BCHN®

Session Description

A growing number of certified nutritionists in our community are increasingly being confronted with past or new clients being diagnosed with cancer and requiring often debilitating conventional cancer treatments. These clients turn to the practitioner they have worked with and established a trusting rapport for help during these challenging times – You.

Oncology nutrition is not everyone’s specialty. This presentation is geared for those of you who wish to rise to the challenge of continuing to support their clients whilst undergoing cancer treatment by

  •  teaching you a foundational understanding of the array of side effects they face that directly impact their nutritional status
  • how you can use nutritional tools to keep your clients nourished, whilst also
  • teaching them with evidence-based science how they can advocate for themselves so they get their own medical oncology team on board an integrative cancer care approach

About Kirstin Nussgruber CNC, EMB, BCHN®

A cancer nutrition expert, author and speaker, Kirstin is passionate about helping people get out of cancer overwhelm by teaching them how to reclaim their lives. A two-times cancer survivor herself she learnt first-hand the importance of an integrative approach to one’s health to facilitate true healing. She offers personalized mentoring packages to private clients and in collaboration with functional medicine practitioners.

Kirstin is the bestselling author of Confessions of a Cancer Conqueror – My 5 Step Process to Transform Your Relationship with Cancer and creator of First Steps to Take Control of Your Cancer Care, an online self-help program for people looking for an evidence-based start to their healing journey.

Kirstin shares her philosophy, inspiring blogs and self-created recipes at, is part of the Chilkov Clinic as well as the clinical team at Valley Integrative Pharmacy. Numerous integrative practitioners repeatedly refer patients to her, including Dr Lise Alschuler ND,  Dr Kathleen Thomsen MD and Dr Scott Berk MD.