NANP Awards

The NANP Awards were established in 2010 by NANP’s Board of Directors to honor and recognize exceptional individual achievements and contributions in the holistic nutrition industry. There are three categories for NANP members and one for anyone in our industry. Annual Awards – Announced at each annual conference.

2019 Award Winners:

The Impact Award: Jeni Hall

The Service Award: Cathy Eason

The Going Up Award: Amy White

Award Categories for NANP members

The Impact Award

Awarded to an NANP member who has obtained visibility in the wider world during the past year. Could be a book, a television show, testimony before a Senate Committee on Health Promotion, or other project.

The Service Award

Awarded to an NANP member whose efforts at mentoring and building connections that grow our holistic nutrition community deserve recognition.

The Going Up Award

Awarded to an NANP member, in professional practice for three (3) years or less, who has already begun to obtain visibility, success and distinction in their business.

​Community Award nominations are accepted and awarded year-round.
​Available to everyone; including non-member. Everyone is eligible.

The Community Award

These honorary awards go to individuals in your community who are making a difference in the health of the nation. Through taking the initiative to change school lunches, helping to fight legislation or even writing a blog, these individuals are making a positive contribution to health and wellness.