What’s on the menu at the 14th Annual NANP Conference & Expo in Tucson, Az?

About Chef David Fransua
Originally from Denver, David encountered both the bustling city and scenic mountain areas of Colorado. Growing up with a French father and a Mexican mother, he experienced a mixture of cultures and food varieties from an early age. His first memory of cooking came from his father making him eggs for breakfast, where he discovered it was quite different from the way his mom made them. His mother made them scrambled well done; whereas his father’s eggs were runny. As this was not a pleasant experience, eight year old David struck a deal with his father. Since he was grounded at the time, he agreed to eat the eggs if he was allowed to go out and play. Today, David now cooks eggs for his children, just the way his father made for him; runny. He gives credit to his father for giving him the creativity and tenacity that he embodies in the kitchen today.

What is your favorite meal?
“My mom’s chicken mole and Mexican rice. This meal might not be the most glamorous dish, but has always been a meal served during special occasions and it is something I fondly associate with my family celebrations.”
What is the most essential kitchen Item?
“Salt. It can make or break a dish. You have to know when and when not to use it.”
If you were a protein?
“Pork Belly. Pork belly is really cool right now, and I want to be cool.”

David is unique compared to many of his peers in the field today in that he received all of his training on the job, as opposed to culinary school. “The kitchen is your class room, you can learn more here than they can ever teach you in school.”  At a time in his life when he was struggling with the decision of whether or not to attend culinary school, he recalls being at a Chinese restaurant with his now wife when money was tight. The dream of culinary school was not looking realistic. As if it were fate, he then opened his fortune cookie, which stated, “Discipline is a refinement fire, in which ability becomes talent.” David and his wife took this as a sign that he would need to create his own success through experience, as opposed to traditional training in a classroom. He is an inspiration to many young cooks in the business, symbolizing that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

Friday, May 17

 Friday Morning Snack

  • Organic whole fruit
  • Gluten-free granola
  • Organic plain yogurt with raw honey (on the side)

Friday Lunch Buffet

  • Chicken broth station
  • Gluten-free breads
  • Achiote chicken
  • Seared Icelandic cod with cumin vinaigrette
  • Braised collard greens
  • Charred broccoli
  • Organic California brown basmati rice
  • Organic mixed greens salad with white balsamic vinaigrette
  • Lentil stew

Dessert Break

  • Vegan chocolate cheesecake bars with agave nectar ganache
  • Gluten-free almond butter blondies

Friday Welcome Reception

  • Watermelon with balsamic reduction
  • Antipasti skewers
  • Assorted artisan gluten-free bread & spreads:
    • Hummus
    • Romesco
    • Citrus white bean
  • Smoked Brisket meatballs
  • Grilled orange chicken skewers
  • Wild salmon cakes
  • Guacamole bar
  • Pineapple with pink peppercorn vinaigrette

Saturday, May 18

Saturday Breakfast

  • Local gluten-free muffins and sliced breads
  • Organic steel cut oats
  • Strawberries & blueberries
  • Homemade sausage patties
  • Cage free scrambled eggs
  • Roasted vegetable hash
  • Herb roasted sweet potatoes
  • Orange juice, infused water

Saturday Lunch

  • Pork broth station
  • Gluten-free rolls and biscuits
  • Organic mixed green salad
  • Grilled vegetable salad
  • Organic pecan smoked brisket
  • Gluten-free beer brined chicken
  • Organic brown and wild rice casserole
  • Green beans

Dessert Break

  • Berry Cloud dessert

Saturday Dinner

  • Beef bone broth station
  • Gluten-free rolls
  • Farmers’ market salad bar
  • Quinoa & asparagus salad
  • Wild caught salmon with smoked onion butter on the side
  • Roasted petite tenderloin with red wine gastrique
  • Caramelized cauliflower
  • Jasmine rice
  • Vegan medjool date tiramisu cake
  • Dark chocolate almond banana tart

Sunday, May 19

Sunday Breakfast

  • Local gluten-free muffins and sliced breads
  • Organic steel cut oats
  • Assorted organic whole fruit
  • Homemade turkey chorizo
  • Cage free egg, spinach, roasted tomato frittata
  • Roasted Yukon gold potatoes
  • Mushrooms and fava bean hash
  • Agua Frescas station
  • Orange juice

***Menu is subject to change without notification.***

Food Sourcing & Preparation Guidelines

None of the following items will be used in preparing any foods.  All cooking surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure no cross-contact, and meals with these ingredients will not be prepared in the same kitchen area as the meals prepared for the Group.


  • Gluten
  • Corn products (including no corn oils)
  • Soy products (including no soy oils)
  • Canola oil
  • Refined or iodized table salt
  • White or artificial sugars (in foods nor provided with your beverage services)​

Expectations of the meals:

  • All meals will be gluten-free.
  • Any dairy/butter/oils/shortenings used will meet organic standards.
  • All dairy products (butter, crème and cheeses) will either be served on the side, or items will clearly be marked as containing dairy.
  • Butter will be available at every meal.
  • Only unrefined sea salt or Celtic salt will be used in cooking and provided on the tables.
  • Salt (with unrefined sea salt) and pepper shakers will be available at every table.
  • All water will be filtered.
  • All grain-based products and beverages will be gluten-free.
  • Animal proteins will meet organic standards.
  • Fish and seafood will be wild-caught.
  • Organic wine will be made available.